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Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3

Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3

Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3 Le coup du maître (The master’s stroke)Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3

Libel laws in the Philippines and who’s suing whom Rotarians on the witness list one against the other having nothing to say, 

and more.

By Evan Iliadis former Rotarian member of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran iliadisevan@yahoo.fr

Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3

Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3

Back in October 2007, when I brought the Matching Grants and donations fraud to the attention of the RCT, no one was surprised of the facts, most members already suspected the embezzlement was going on.

What took them by storm, was the timing and the means of disclosure. Friends, here I am again after a long break sitting back watching the events unfolding in Bohol, so unusual and incomprehensible that strikes me as many others aware of the situation, as a masquerade taking place in a court of law in Tagbilaran Bohol Philippines.

The then board of directors included Dave and Baby Collins and Deo Uy all accused of fraud in my allegations. Their discontent was expressed through a mail I received by President Luela Bantol as follows: (Mail sent Oct. 19th 2007 just days after the allegations surfaced on the RCT website.) Here is the content:

“The Club has formed a Special Committee to review matters including those concerning Matching Grants. Your concerns and grievances could have been properly addressed by the Special Committee. 

We wish to inform you, however, that the Club has considered with care your accusations which the club accepts as a legitimate concern that one may raise, only that the means and manner you did it is way beyond what is appropriate. 

It is with deep regrets that due to the above-cited reasons the Club is already taking steps to terminate your membership. We assure you, however, that it will go through the process in accordance with the provisions of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution and By-laws, enacted by Rotary International, wherein your side will always be heard”.

In other words, “we like what you said and  even welcome it, but what bother us is that you chose the club’s website to do it and for this reason, we are going to kick you out.”

Did they do it in accordance with the RI bylaws? Let me have a big laugh, please!… 

The only notification I have received was that the club is planning to oust me and that’s it! I’ve never heard anything since. But thanks to my supporters and informants I knew it as soon as it happened. 

Just a few days before and between the 9th and 19th of October 2007 the club terminated another Rotarian without due process, on the spot, without giving him a chance to say a word, on the sole order of Derek Pyrah and the Collins. 

Yes, you read it right… Derek Pyrah ordered the outing and it was done on a single stroke of the pen.. No questions asked!. 

What this Rotarian did wrong? After the revelations appeared on the website he sent a mail to someone in the Interplast organization in AU asking information about Derek Pyrah. 

The “someone” informed Derek and he (Derek) went fuming in the club asking the head of this Rotarian. And he got it!.. To the shame of the RCT… At the same time, he personally submitted Pyrah’s letter to the RCT dated Oct 9th to the club terrorizing the members. Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3

As mentioned before, the accused chose the status of fugitives, rather than answer questions that could only be done with fresh lies to cover the lies of the previous day; but they did give some to a local news reporter as this one: (I covered his name as appears on the original mail dated December 7th 2007 – for the moment – but it will be disclosed with more in due time.) Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3

Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3

Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3

I made this mail available to the club but, apparently, they didn’t care that much or made little use of it, to their big mistake that lead to the current situation. Derek Pyrah and the Collins (Leave Deo Uy out as he was just a puppet in this whole story) tested club’s guts several times with various clever techniques, like threats, inaccurate and totally untrue statements and more. Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3

With no reaction from the RCT, this encouraged them to pursue their demolition plans as I explained on my previous blog. As a reminder, after the unsuccessful attempts by the international Rotary mob During the District 3860 Discon in 2008 to kill the RCT as described here they repeat the same during Discon 2009. In a different way and means this time and with the blessing and complicity of the District Governor in the most cynical and humiliating fashion. Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3

The photo you see below was taken from the district’s website. They published it to embarrass PP Luella Bantol and the RCT in general. The message is clear: The district has sided with the crooks and against the RCT.

Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3

Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3

You’ll have the opportunity to see more “siding” of this kind as soon as the next page will draw on your screen. And to add insult to the injury, the text also was taken from the same source, the district website bulletin July 2009 DISTAS that is. The Collins signed their comment as members of the RC of Tagbilaran. Are they? Le coup du maître (The master’s stroke)


It’s possible. Maybe the district forced the club to reinstate them. If that’s what happened, how they can sit in this regular meeting room with their pairs knowing how undesirable they are? No, that’s not a problem for Baby Garcia Calipusan. (That’s her real name.) Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3

She has been used to that since she came back from the US and she knows what everyone thinks about her. She doesn’t care! Doesn’t she? Not anymore folks…Stay tuned there will be more…

Now, before you click on the next page you need to know the reasons behind the scared behavior of the members of this club, instead of united standing up against the abusers. Here is why: 

The RC of Tagbilaran as most of the clubs in the Third world is not the typical club membered by Rotarians. Out of 20-25 members, there are only a few Rotarians, the rest being just members. Very few understand bylaws and regulations and even less the mechanics of Matching Grants and generally, what Rotary is all about. 

Those who understand, keep the others in the dark so they can do their dirty business without anyone else put their nose in “their private affairs” Most are there just to be seen in their community, as they believe being part of the elite which is a big deal on a social system where values of the haves are based on the model of cell phone you own and must care it on your hands all the time in order to be evaluated. 

Same for clothing, cars and the façade of the house. The interior of the house doesn’t matter that much. Some have small business, comfortably surviving by local standards, others, a nurse here, an overseas maid there, a few small branch bank managers, their bank paying the dues hoping to capitalize by bringing the accounts of some rich members to their branch. 

Filipinos are soft-hearted people, the don’t know how to deal with 2 meters tall white animals as Collins walking always guarded by at least two of his 6 trained German shepherd dogs, or a plot specialist like Baby Garcia – Kalipusan – Collins, or this fat pig Aussi rude and under-educated con artist Pyrah is. 

Most important, controversial libel laws in the Philippines Article 353 of the Revised Penal Code is a criminal offense designed to almost protect the crooks, since the prosecutors need very little to find probable cause sending the case to a judge.

(More on this later) Going to a court of law in the Philippines as a defendant it is perceived by the public at large as a shame, subject to finger pointing and gossiping throughout town whereas, in this micro-society as Tagbilaran city, everyone knows about others. Let alone the expenses that few can afford. 

Many are leaving after a while, not really interested, it takes a toll on their personal life and stressing their business. Besides, they don’t really see any benefit or change in their lives but saw their masters’ lives getting better, those few that had the privilege to be connected with some influent in Manila and abroad, a small number though.

The RC of Tagbilaran had the distinctiveness of being despotically dominated by foreigners, not only by local members foreigners like the Collins (Including Baby Collins who has never acquired her Filipino citizenship fearing her social standing will be downgraded.) and some of their associates, but also from the VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM and its cohorts that were using it (The club) to glorify themselves back home. 

like Derek Pyrah and dozens tourists Rotarians he was bringing from AU with him, or John Dehnel from England. Anyone bringing a used medical machine –useless in England dump it to a Club in Tagbilaran, computers the Children Hospital in AU didn’t know what to do with and how to dump them due to lead countenance.

Derek got them, Collins got them, gave some to Evan for the school in Songculan. All stopped working after a few months. Then, they put in place the laundry machine to clean the donations money and TRF Matching Grants money. I have already explained all that in previous pages.

update July 28th 2009. The VAP has just received an important endorsement from Christopher Bennetts posted on the ROTARY CLUB OF CENTRAL MACTAN Where is the incumbent president. congratulations to Rotarians Dave Collins and Derek Pyrah for this honor. It’s all yours!…. You earned it!… 

Click here  to read what Chris Bennetts has to say

If you are interested about Chris Bennetts whereabouts Click here

Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3

Rotary Club of Tagbilaran – The trial page3

No thanks, no more wine….

Le coup du maître (The master’s stroke)Next: The duel is about to begin. Now on sale ring side tickets get your pop corn hot dogs cotton candy, step right up ring side tickets front row seats. Place your bets now Rotarians, ladies and gentleman.

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