May 29

Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale

Village Aide Program district 3860 Matching Grants for Sale Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale

Let’s repeat it once again: Rotary International is not the place to donate or trust its members to do business with. That’s what Robert Laura  said: Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale

Unlike “hate” crimes that are committed across racial, ethnic or religious lines, Affinity Fraud targets members of identifiable groups, such as religious or civic organizations, ethnic communities, elderly people and even professional associations.  Fraudsters infiltrate a group and seek to exploit the trust and friendship among its members. Often times they get a long-standing or high ranking member(s) of the group to unwittingly endorse the scheme and the scam spreads faster than a California wildfire.” Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale 

And this is what Evan Iliadis said about trust in Rotary in 2009

Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale

Village aide Program Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale


When I first posted this entry on the site Village Aide Program  the Rotary Community in Australia and Philippines had been shaken from top to the bottom, heads rolled down, the site had 600 visitors a day, not bad for a blog written in broken English, often times hard to describe, for Rotarians and non, how the scam was working. Besides, I realized after words that the community at large, especially the younger generation doesn’t care that much for this organization, membership numbers go down year after year. Let’s read an excerpt. Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale 


Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale 3h architects

Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale

“YOU CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT THEM. It’s both, of who you know and who you blow. These guys got thousands of dollars in grants without publishing a single request for partners on the online fair for matching grants. They didn’t need”. Click here to see what I mean.

Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale 

You are a new President and don’t know how to successfully apply for an MG? (Matching Grant) The VAP (Village Aide Program) has the best you can find in the org. Top quality, always fresh, certified, audited by two Rotary districts, no bugs or defects.. And it’s free! They will even pay you to apply!.Derek Pyrah and his lieutenant script writer Dave Collins will do all the paper work for you! It will look professional will look good, a good looking application!

All you as the president will have to do is sign the 4th page without ever seen the content of the first 3 pages! Easy! They will mail your application to the TRF for approval and it’s done! Almost… We’ll see later why. But unfortunately these MG are not odorless… In fact, are stinky. Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale 

To obtain one you must agree that Rotarian engineer Dave Collins will erect a waterless dry toilet in a school. It’s his business. (See highlighted portion on the advertisement page left). You must also provide a crew on a daily basis to clean up the mess before it looks like this.  Has plenty of sawdust available to throw in, if not, the smell will certainly reach Derek Pyrah’s office in Australia, even worst, Collins mansion in Panglao creating you trouble for lack of maintenance!

But aren’t all negative. There is also the fun part. Once they will show you the bill (300.000 pesos) prepare yourself for a big loud laugh, hysterical, a long laugh as you hadn’t since long time. Because you don’t need to be an architect or builder to evaluate the real cost which is maximum the third of it. Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale 

You don’t even need a calculator. Is so obvious, a simple Filipino construction laborer can see it! As for the water collection system, water filtration, medicines distributed “by a licensed Pharmacist of the Philippines Board” we’ll tell you more shortly. Be patient, you’ll know everything. Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale 

Now, in the first paragraph of this column, I mentioned about how easy it is – thanks to the support of Pyrah and Collins- to obtain an MG. There is an important detail you should know before applying. The TRF (Rotary Foundation) requires your club has a bank account like this. Click please) They (Collins and Pyrah) will ask you as a president, to demonstrate the ability to keep members’ eyes out of this account. Even though Dave Collins will be your coach and explain you how he did it in the ROTARY CLUB OF TAGBILARAN, still you will need some training on your own to achieve this extremely challenging requirement which will determine if you will be admitted in the inner circle of the “Brothers in Scam” as a trusted lieutenant, or your project will be implemented with the money handled and monitored by Dave Collins. Upon completion, you will be asked to sign the final report to be submitted to TRF containing misleading facts like this.

What is misleading? He built the toilets with his own workers in violation of the “conflict of interest” provision as clearly described in the RF MG terms and conditions by paying Philippines wages for a total cost as generously estimated  in his favor  by 6 engineers of 1 500 US$ each and told TRF that a construction company named GUILBERT VALLES performed the job and paid them 6 000 US$ each. Do you still want it?

Mr President of any club in the Philippines and elsewhere, my advice to you is this: Stay away from this kind of crooked business. Don’t be credulous, to believe Derek Pyrah is here to help you. He desperately needs clubs to invest the money he’s raising in Australia. How he and Collins are benefiting from this investment? We have already explained how the laundry machine is working in previous postings, but seen the circumstances we need to revisit the topic to refresh our memories. This will be done in the next update.

June 1st, 2014. More than 6 years later, what has changed?

-Derek Pyrah is nowhere to be found, no trace of presence in the Organization, at least on the surface. He joined some kind of Mormon church trying a repeat, but it doesn’t seem to work. As this witty Rotarian put it recently, “he’s long gone in the landfill”, the logical consequences of attacks coming from everywhere, except from the Rotary. Thanks to his family and some friends in AU who largely contributed to his fall, we can safely assume he’s a dead man. For the Rotary International all we can say is:  “Shame on the Rotary International for covering up his actions for years”.  Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale   

-Dave and Baby Collins. They don’t give up. The blow inflicted by Evan Iliadis had severe consequences on these crooks. Both are expelled from the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran as undesirables. However, with the help of some partners in the scam in Cebu and Tubigon, they have been able to do some crooked business again, this time selling Clean Water filters, less stinky than the toilets, but still cheap and worthless, yet overpriced and paid with Matching Grant money. More on that on the next entries. Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale